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5 Tips for Stronger Erections

No penis is an island. Approximately J. Stephen Jones, M.D., F.A.C.S., a urologist with the Cleveland Center, prefers to inform his people. If your penis were an island, it would certainly be appealing to consider it as a location in the Caribbean– tranquil as well as relaxing throughout the day, pulsating with task in the evening, as well as the location of a consistent turning of half-naked coeds. Also check out penetric.com/best-erection-pills to read about the best erection pills.

As high as that seems like heaven, Dr. Jones claims an extra exact urological/geographical parallel would certainly be your penis as peninsula– a physical expansion that shares a supply of blood, oxygen, as well as nutrients with all your various other body organs. That implies if an all-natural calamity strikes the landmass, it’s most likely to influence any kind of extending landmasses, also.

” ED stands not just for impotence however additionally for ‘very early medical diagnosis,’ since you could utilize ED to forecast a cardiovascular disease, possibly by years– arterial damages from heart disease impacts the little arteries in the penis initially,” states Christopher Steidle, M.D., a professional associate teacher of urology at the Indiana College clinical facility at Ft Wayne. That’s one factor it’s an error to allow Levitra, Viagra, as well as Cialis time-out you right into an I’ll- fix-it-when-it-breaks attitude.

Right here’s an additional: Take actions to guard your sex life currently and also you might never ever have to stand out the little blue tablet. Or other color of erection help. To puts it simply, follow our suggestions as well as every lady that sees your peninsula will certainly entrust a smile.

Consume Blackberry Jam on Your Salute

Dark fruits like blackberries, bilberries, as well as elderberries include high degrees of anthocyanins, ultrapowerful anti-oxidants that might work as erection insurance policy.
Quick scientific research lesson: Your penis’s capability to rise and shine depends, partly, on the schedule of nitric oxide, a blood-vessel-dilating chemical. When way too many complimentary radicals exist in your blood stream, nitric oxide goes down-and so does your penis. Get in anthocyanins. These powerful anti-oxidants assault complimentary radicals prior to they have the opportunity to reduced nitric oxide degrees.

Below’s evidence of their power: Indiana College scientists located that arteries treated with anthocyanins kept high degrees of nitric oxide after being swamped with totally free radicals. “Anti-oxidants aid maintain cost-free radicals in control so nitric oxide can do its point,” claims David Bell, Ph.D., the lead research study writer. Which “point” is offering your penis the blood it should transform exhilaration right into an erection.

Close down the Smokestack

If you still brighten, you have actually possibly approved your raised danger of cardiovascular disease, stroke, lung cancer cells, and also bladder cancer cells. Exactly how around passing away young as well as impotent? A research study released in the Journal of Urology located that smoking cigarettes creates arterial damages that increases a guy’s danger of overall impotence. The bright side: “If guys stopped in their 50s or earlier, we could typically turn around the damages,” states Andre Guay, M.D., supervisor of the Lahey Center for Sexual Feature, in Massachusetts.

When Dr. Guay determined nighttime erections in 10 impotent cigarette smokers (ordinary age 49), he kept in mind a 40 percent enhancement after simply 1 smoke-free day. Exchange the cancer sticks for fish sticks: Scientists at the Royal University of Surgeons in Ireland found that taurine, an amino acid discovered in fish, assists recover smoke-damaged arteries.

Come to be an Extra Delicate Man

Everybody recognizes anxiety is a mental cool shower. Untamed stress likewise functions in an extra dangerous means– by launching epinephrine, a kind of adrenaline that goes directly to your arteries as well as gradually inflicted mayhem there. “Anxiety in the long-term could add to solidifying of the arteries,” states Dr. Jones, that is writer of Conquering Erectile dysfunction: A Leading Urologist Informs You Whatever You Should Know.

Snoring could mess up an evening of sex, as well as not even if it’s tough to participate in sexual activity from the sofa. “Every one of your cells requires oxygen to be healthy and balanced, as well as the penile cells is particularly delicate,” claims Dr. Jones. “When you snore, you’re robbing your cells of that oxygen.”

That said, do not lose your cash on OTC snore stoppers; research study by the UNITED STATE Flying force reveals that these items typically aren’t efficient. Rather, attempt positioning blocks under the bedposts ahead of the bed. “Snoring has a lot to do with gravity,” claims Phillip Westerbrook, M.D., owner of the sleep-disorders facility at the Mayo Facility. “If you raise the upper body without flexing the neck, it transforms the result of gravity on the soft cells of the throat.”

Consume a Dark-Chocolate Dove Bar

It’s erection medication. Dark delicious chocolate consists of epicatechins, flavonoids that cause the launch of expanding chemicals in the internal, or endothelial, layer of the arteries. Just how much should you bite? A College of The golden state at San Francisco research study reveals that those that consumed a 1.6-ounce dark-chocolate bar every day enhanced their blood-vessel extension by greater than 10 percent.

While the research had not been done especially on erectile cells, anything that profits your body’s endothelial system will likely profit your erections, considering that the penis is comprised mainly of endothelial surface areas. “Maintaining those surface areas healthy and balanced is vital to excellent arterial circulation,” claims Kevin McVary, M.D., a teacher of urology at Northwestern College. Seek dark delicious chocolate that births the CocoaPro logo design on the tag– this sign is a noticeable indication that the sweet bar you’re acquiring is chock-full of flavonoids. More information at penetric.com/increase-sperm-count/ for increasing your sperm count.

Reduced Your Estrogen

Determine your body-mass index. If your BMI can be found in near to or over 25, you might be lugging simply sufficient lard to drag down your erections. “We understand that larger guys transform testosterone to estrogen, which a reduced degree of testosterone as well as a greater degree of estrogen are bad for erectile feature,” claims Larry Lipshultz, M.D., a Guy’s Wellness expert as well as principal of male reproductive medication and also surgical treatment at Baylor university of medication.

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How to Have Stronger and Bigger Erections?

Is it any kind of question the are so prominent, what with all those great outlet wenches– that is, wrenches– they present?
A guy, fairly appropriately, is understood for his recognition of devices, their appropriate upkeep, as well as their most efficient usage.

Makings it that a lot more surprising that we cannot correctly keep our very own carnal applies, be they mini-drivers or diamond-studded 12-inch drill little bits.
From adolescence forward, our devices experience all type of self- as well as external misuse, from overexcitement in limited Levi’s to weekend-long binges with ladies from which we captured every little thing however their names.

The outcome, long-term, can be a dulled side, a stubborn round bearing, a versatile expansion for the wrench when just an inflexible one will certainly get the job done.
Below we are with tool-saving pointers– 8 of them, in reality– that could maintain you sharp well right into your master-craftsman days. And also you would certainly much better attend: If you’re not mindful, the female in your life simply may conjure up the unbreakable policy of devices, the most frightening and also most precise among all: “If you desire something done right, work with a handyman.”

Prevent Penis Shrinkers

In a research performed at the College of Kentucky, scientists located that when asked to rank their sex survives on a range of one to 10, males that smoked balanced regarding a 5– an unlike nonsmokers, that ranked theirs at 9.

One factor, naturally, is that smoking cigarettes is a well-known root cause of erectile dysfunction. As well as there’s some proof that smoking cigarettes influences weaker penis erection.

In one research, scientists located that cigarette smokers’ penises are substantially smaller sized compared to nonsmokers’.

” In enhancement to destructive blood vessels, smoking cigarettes could create damages to penile cells itself, making it much less flexible and also stopping it from extending,” states Irwin Goldstein, M.D., a urologist at the Boston College clinical. We have yet to listen to a far better need to give up.

Obtain a Birth control

If you’re completed generating spawn (or you make sure you do not desire children), think about buying long-term remodellings at the sperm manufacturing facility.
” The danger of a contraceptive failing can be a huge resource of anxiousness for some guys, particularly those that have actually had a birth-control calamity– or a scare– in the past,” states Karen Donahey, Ph.D., supervisor of the sex- and also marital-therapy program at Northwestern College.
That stress and anxiety can, consequently, result in erection troubles– as well as trigger the very same vicious cycle that makes efficiency anxiousness such a state of mind awesome.

If there’s no sperm, the danger of maternity is past small: An effectively done birth control has a performance price of 99.9 percent. And also at $1,500, it’s a deal compared to university tuition.

Fire Your Girlfriend

It prevails for males that begin having events to quit having erections– so typical, as a matter of fact, that physicians that deal with impotence usually ask their individuals if they’re obtaining any type of activity on the side.

Unless your partner understands about, authorizes of, as well as takes part in your brand-new sex life– where instance, we want to fulfill her– you’re bound to really feel at the very least a little guilty regarding it when you’re with her. Sense of guilt could rely on anxiousness, which could eliminate an erection.

Shed Your Fat Digestive tract

The abbey, having diabetic issues is the quickest path to a life time of celibacy.
Even more compared to 50 percent of all guys with diabetes mellitus are impotent. The condition strikes the penis with a double whammy. It speeds up the procedure of arterial condition, as well as it slows down the transmission of stimulations along nerves throughout your body. As well as, depend on us, a numb penis is not a delighted penis.
Remaining trim is the very best method to prevent diabetic issues. If it’s far too late for that, be vigilant in examining your blood sugar level (talk with your medical professional concerning the very best approaches).

Male that are careless concerning managing their degrees have 70 percent a lot more erection issues compared to those that remain on top of it, inning accordance with a current Italian research study.

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Quit Facing Hard Furnitures

One strongly lost drive is all it requires to burst the corposa cavernosa, the extended “erectile chambers” that run the size of your penis.

Do not think us? Attempt intending your upright penis at the trunk of a tree– it’s about the exact same thickness as your companion’s pubic bone.

A full tear will certainly need surgical procedure within 1 Day to stem interior blood loss as well as minimize the danger of irreversible damages. A partial tear isn’t really as significant, however it could trigger issues later. As the cellular linings of the corposa recover over with mark cells, they shed their flexibility– resulting in curvature, discomfort, as well as at some point erectile dysfunction.

By some quotes, greater than a 3rd of impotent males have a background of “penile injury.”

To shield on your own, take care when she gets on top. That’s the setting more than likely to trigger damages.

Miss the Taxi
Begin strolling. In one current research, scientists discovered that males that strolled simply 2 miles a day had half the price of erection troubles of even more less active guys, claims Dr. Goldstein. (Twenty mins of running or Thirty Minutes of weightlifting will certainly work, also.).

Down payments that block or tense penile arteries could shrivel an erection much faster compared to Greta Van Susteren.

” People have a tendency to assume of their arteries as straightforward pipelines that could come to be stopped up, however there’s a whole lot extra going on compared to that,” claims Laurence Levine, M.D., a urologist at Chicago’s Rush-Presbyterian Medical. “The cellular linings of those capillary are really naturally energetic locations where chemicals are being made and also launched right into the blood stream.”.
The even more you work out, the much healthier, cleaner, as well as much more adaptable those cellular linings come to be.

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The Best Foods To Increase Sperm Cells

When it involves baby-making, there’s even more to be worried concerning compared to sperm matter. There’s likewise mobility and also the form of your sperm. Initially you desire to make certain your rankings (read: spheres) are complete of soldiers. Think about that as the standard for your reproductive capacities. Read more about how to get stronger erections.

The regular sperm matter varies from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm each milliliter of sperm. Yes, that’s a great deal of, , liquid. As well as to be taken into consideration to have a reduced matter, you would certainly have to have less than 15 million or less compared to 39 million sperm complete each have an orgasm. As we understand, you opportunities of obtaining Bae preggo reduces as your sperm matter lowers.

To be clear, having a reduced sperm matter does not imply you are sterile. A lot of guys daddy youngsters and also have lower-than-normal sperm thickness. Dr. Seth Cohen, assistant teacher of Urology as well as OBGYN at NYU Langone Medical Facility, claims that unless you’re attempting (as well as stopping working) to dad a youngster right currently, there’s no factor to begin consuming regarding your matter.

” It really creates even more injury compared to excellent to recognize, if you’re simply dating,” Dr. Cohen claimed while describing that some males may begin attempting to deal with an issue where no actual issue exists. That does not indicate that you should not begin doing the daily points that advertise healthy and balanced sperm and also a healthy and balanced sperm matter.

And also that begins with consuming.

” One of the most essential point a person can do is to treat your body like a holy place,” Dr. Cohen claimed. “Would certainly you smoke in a holy place?” No, you most likely would not. You intend to basically points in your body that assistance you remain healthy and balanced.”

Inning accordance with Dr. Cohen, there’s no study that says that specific diet regimen is mosting likely to increase your swimmers or make you extra productive compared to an additional. “Consuming tidy is never ever a poor point,” he claimed. “If you’re consuming shoddy refined foods, it’s not mosting likely to benefit your body and also it’s not mosting likely to benefit your sperm.”

Penalty. There’s no food that mosting likely to transform your young boys right into secret egg-fertilizing incredibly representatives. As well as there are some points you cannot regulate. Varicoceles are an usual source of reduced sperm manufacturing. A varicocele is an enhancement of the capillaries within the scrotum and also should be fixed with surgical treatment. A background of cancer cells, boosted estrogen or hormone inequalities are various other factors. There are points you could begin doing currently to aid your situation as well as that begins with your diet regimen.

If you desire to enhance your numbers and also obtain your young boys removaling, begin with including these 10 foods to your diet regimen.


You could understand these to be an aphrodisiac (even if they actually may not be) that obtains the celebration began. It’s a lot even more compared to that. Oysters are packed with zinc, which aid enhance sperm manufacturing and also sperm strength as well as testosterone, which are all clutch when producing small human beings within your woman’s stubborn belly. Zinc shortage has actually been connected to erectile dysfunction and also impotence so a boost can offer an additional age. For the document, you ought to consider sharing, as oysters likewise aid control sex drive in both males and females. Oysters are additionally high in healthy protein, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron, copper as well as selenium.


You’re possibly consuming eggs anyhow, specifically if you’re aiming to develop lean muscular tissue, which– clearly– is one more action towards reaching the paradise of baby-making. Eggs typically aren’t simply abundant in healthy protein yet likewise in vitamin E, which aids maintain testicular cells from deteriorating. Consisting of eggs in your diet plan will certainly assist increase sperm matter as well as fertility. Attempt steaming your eggs. Prepping them by doing this assists make nutrients, like amino acids, simpler to soak up.


The bright red shade of tomatoes benefits greater than including some great shade to your plate. The shade originates from lycopene, which likewise increases fertility. Researches reveal lycopene could increase sperm matter up to 70 percent. It likewise boosts your swimmers’ rate and also could decrease the variety of sperm irregularities. Research studies have actually likewise revealed lycopene to minimize prostate conditions in addition to prostate cancer cells.

Dark Delicious chocolate

You understand that saying, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice?” Well, exact same holds true for dark delicious chocolate and also your, err, male juice. Dark delicious chocolate has actually confirmed in order to help enhance the quantity of your have an orgasm as well as boost your sperm matter as well as mobility (stamina of your swimmers). It’s not simply helpful for your little guys either. Dark delicious chocolate could increase heart health and wellness as well as reduced threat of cardiovascular disease. Undoubtedly, this sweet you intend to have in small amounts yet note that the cacao teems with copper, and also have lots of zinc selenium, fiber, as well as potassium.


Hi there Omega-3 fat as well as thanks for your payment. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an Omega-3 fat, is a necessary foundation for sperm. Omega-3 fat is important to develop the arc that transforms a premature sperm cell right into a full-fledged pointy-header swimmer with an additional lengthy tail, inning accordance with a 2012 research at the College of Illinois. Regular sperm cells have an arc-like framework called acrosome and also without DHA that framework does not develop makings the sperm cell ineffective.


Blueberries– as well as various other berries like raspberries, strawberries and also blackberries for that issue– are equipped with vitamin C, which is crucial for mobility and also sperm health and wellness. Vitamin C likewise produces essential amino acids that are called for to create sperm. Think about berries the among the principal guards of your sperm matter.

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How Do You Increase Your Sperm Cells?

Fertilization issues coming to be an increasing number of usual amongst today’s pairs. Continue reading to learn methods to improve male fertility as well as boost sperm matter normally, as well as to comprehend way of life aspects which could affect male fertility.

The existence of pairs not able to develop is a significantly typical situation in my facility as compared to 20 years back. Around 15 percent of pairs experience fertilization troubles, and also this percent is expanding. The inability to conceive is specified as the lack of perception after one year of normal sexual intercourse without making use of any kind of birth control. Guys are accountable for this issue a minimum of 40 percent of the moment. Where modern-day medication has actually established its very own technological services for helping sterile pairs in obtaining expecting, corresponding medication could likewise supply its very own aid in enhancing male fertility and also sperm matter Prior to trying all-natural solutions, it is necessary to dismiss any kind of underlying treatable clinical problems.

1. Enhance sperm matter.

The ordinary sperm matter is in between 120 and also 350 million each cubic centimeter. A reduced sperm matter is listed below 40 million each cubic centimeter. Reduced sperm matters or bad sperm mobility could result from ecological toxic substances such as chemicals, radiation, medications, heavy metal direct exposure, smoking, too much alcohol usage, road substance abuse as well as air pollution.

Warm could additionally lower sperm manufacturing. Warm bathrooms, sitting for extended periods of time as well as tight-fitting undergarments that tightens the testes could all raise temperature levels enough time to reduce sperm manufacturing.

The anti-ulcer medicines cimetidine and also ranitidine have actually both been reported to reduce sperm matter and also generate erectile dysfunction.

2. Decrease chemical direct exposure

The sperm of the ordinary male today has half the sperm, as well as of poorer high quality, compared to HALF A CENTURY earlier.

This is thought to be triggered by direct exposure to xenoestrogens (PCBs, DDT, dioxin, various other chemicals, plastics as well as commercial contaminants) that simulate the impacts of estrogen. You could stop or lessen the effect of xenoestrogens on your health and wellness by doing the following:

Stay clear of plastic containers for food storage space, plastic containers, covers and also utensils.
Usage workplace paper items lightened without chlorine.
Usage just non-bleached coffee filters, paper, paper napkins as well as toilet paper to lower dioxin direct exposure.
Prevent chlorinated faucet water, chlorine bleach and also various other chlorinated items; usage hydrogen peroxide as a choice.
Consume health food as high as feasible to stay clear of chemicals as well as herbicides.
Prevent artificial antiperspirants and also cosmetics; usage just natural items whenever feasible.
Stay clear of pet items with a high fat material which contain hormonal agents, specifically standard milk as well as milk items, hen, beef and also pork.
Avoid alcohol and also high levels of caffeine.
Stay clear of fried, charcoal-broiled or barbecued types of food preparation.
Consume great deals of foods high in anti-oxidants (carotenes, vitamins A, C, E and also selenium) such as eco-friendly leafy veggies, kale, carrots, citrus, broccoli, cauliflower and also yams.

3. Boost diet regimen

Obtaining lots of fresh fruits, veggies, entire grains and also vegetables could aid enhance fertility. Stay clear of cigarette, improved carbs, coffee, tea, alcohol as well as foods with man-made ingredients.

Preserve your suitable weight. Food deprival in guys causes a loss of sex drive and also architectural modifications to reproductive cells causing the inability to conceive.

Weight problems, on the other hand, can be related to a reduced sperm matter and also erectile dysfunction, potentially as a result of greater temperature levels triggered by excess fat near the testes.

4. Workout routinely

Inning accordance with the American Culture of Reproductive Medication, routine workout (5 times a week for at the very least 45 mins) and also a healthy and balanced diet regimen boost fertility by maintaining body weight at typical degrees as well as eliminating tension as well as anxiousness.

Too much quantities of workout (marathon operating as well as linked training) can be a source of inability to conceive since it could result in amenorrhea (lack of menstrual cycle) in ladies as well as a reduced sperm matter in males.

If you are not exactly sure exactly what sort of workout is best for you, obtain an individual instructor. They could provide you a workout program to bring your weight as well as health and fitness degrees right into the perfect variety.

5. Take dietary supplements

For males, one of the most crucial additional nutrients to improve fertility are vitamin C and also zinc. Vitamin C (2,000 to 6,000 milligrams everyday) aids avoid sperm from clumping or sticking, therefore boosting the possibilities for fertility.

Zinc supplements (100 to 200 mg everyday) has actually been revealed to raise testosterone degrees, sperm matter and also sperm mobility. High zinc resources consist of oysters, body organ meats, lean beef, turkey, lamb, herring, wheat bacterium, beans and also nuts.

Arginine is an amino acid the body creates from the food digestion of healthy protein. It is discovered in high quantities in the head of the sperm. Not readily available as a supplement in Canada, arginine has actually been revealed to aid reduced sperm matters as well as inadequate mobility. In high dosages, arginine is likewise a powerful dilator of arteries, resulting in much better erections. Food resources of arginine consist of nuts, delicious chocolate, meat, chicken, fish and also dairy products.

Various other nutrients that have actually been revealed to enhance sperm matters consist of important fats (9 to 12 grams everyday), chromium (1,000 mcg everyday), selenium (200 mcg everyday), copper (2 mg day-to-day), vitamin E (800 IU day-to-day), coenzyme Q10 (400 mg day-to-day) and also B-complex vitamins (50 mg day-to-day), particularly vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg day-to-day).

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How to Have Passionate Sex With Your Partner

Most People Want Sex But Have Rotten Sex Lives

Most people love sex. And why not? Sex is the greatest thing we can do for fun that’s free. Best of all, when you have sex with someone you love, it not only feels good physically, but it makes a contribution to true happiness and fulfillment. Almost everyone dreams of having love combined with sex as a big part of their life.

All too many people have rotten sex lives. The dream for many of us is to fall in love, get married, and have passionate sex for a lifetime. For all too many people, though, sex falls off precipitously when the honeymoon is over. Once kids come into the picture many couples’ sex life all but disappears. Even for couples who don’t have kids, including gay couples, all too often, passionate sex has a short shelf life.

Sex falls off precipitously for many people after the age of 50. And even during the earlier years, research indicates that over 50% of married couples are not satisfied with their sex lives. A high percentage of women fake orgasm and their partners don’t even know. By the age of 60, only 25% of women receive oral sex from men, which is the technique most likely to result in female orgasm.

Is there any hope for the sex lives of partnered couples? The good news is that at rates higher than ever, (at least one in three) people over the age of 60 are having vibrant, satisfying sex lives.

Would you like to improve that percentage? Are you a baby boomer who is heading into the final third and would like to make these days filled with sexual sunshine? Are you younger and want to do everything you can to make sure that the flame burns eternal?

Yes it is true. You can have passionate sex for a lifetime. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s free!

What’s the secret? The secret is love. Just about everyone wants love, but who thinks about giving it? If you can keep your intention, your focus, and your actions on giving love, you can have great sex with one person for a lifetime. The big question is, what does it mean to give love?


Everybody wants someone who is dependable, who shows up, who can be trusted, and does what they say. A dangerous relationship can be very hot for a while, but eventually a relationship with someone who doesn’t make you feel safe gets ugly. And it gets boring for all your friends who have to listen to you complain about a bad relationship you don’t get out of. When our bodies believe that they are in danger, the last thing they want to do is open, surrender, and let go.


The most important part of giving love is cultivating authentic connection. Authentic connection comes from caring contact and communication. Be open, honest, and considerate in communication. Listen, understand, and empathize. This doesn’t mean that sexy relationships are without conflict. A relationship without conflict has no heat! It is about real engagement with basic respect for your partner. If you have a conflict, let the guiding motivation be to respond, repair, and resolve rather than react and attack.


Take care of your temple, otherwise known as your body. That’s the part of you that has sex. Eat well, get off substances, exercise. If you want to want to have sex, if you want all the parts to work, and if you want to turn on your partner – especially as you are visited by the ravages of time – you better take care of yourself.

One part of that temple is your brain. That needs to be worked on also if you want to have good sex. Live a full, interesting life. If you’re boring, your sex will be, too.


If you want to be turned on, you’ve got to turn yourself on. If you want to turn on your partner, you’ve got to be turned on by them. Find your partner’s beauty. Savor them. Let yourself feel how incredible it is that you get to look at, smell, touch, and taste a naked human body. Celebrate what you love about your partner. Instead of focusing on your negative judgments, think about what is great about your spouse. Tell your lover what you adore about them.


Have sex be first about what you give, second about what you share, and third about what you get. Attune yourself to your partner’s pleasure. By focusing on their responsiveness, you can bring them to the ultimate heights of pleasure. If you do that, your partner will want to have sex with you till you die.

Senset your own body’s responsiveness. Pay attention to what feels good to you. As Sister Wendy said, why would god give you a toy and not want you to play with it? If you can figure out what feels good, you can find it with your partner. All too many people spend too much sex time worrying how they look, worrying what the other person is thinking, evaluating what is going on. Get out of your head and into your senses.

Be Passionate

Passion is the ability to put all of yourself into what you are doing with utter abandon. It is being able to jump off the cliff with no parachute and fully enjoy the ride down. Breathe, smile, look into your partners eyes. Express yourself completely. Let yourself show all of your heart.


Have sex. Have as much sex as you can get. You and your partner will be dead soon, and unless you believe in reincarnation or some kinky heaven, this is going to be your one chance in all of eternity to get it on. There’s always an excuse not to have sex. If you need an excuse to have it, how about this one: you’re going to be old and then dead very soon. Research shows that the more we practice something, the better we get. Try new stuff and keep doing it till you get it. Be willing to learn from your partner. Ask your partner for directions and feedback, and don’t get all sensitive if they ask for something different.